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Product Code: BAMBOO FUN (PEN & TOUCH)
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Step into a world of diverse digital expression with the new generation of Bamboo Pen & Touch. The striking black and lime colour tablet design will be an ultra cool addition to your creative tool and it′s easier to use than ever. Wireless capabilities are the latest addition to your pen and touch tablet, so lie back on a sunny park bench while you shop or game online; organise and flick through your holiday pics from the comfort of a cafe or post sketches on facebook while you wait for your ride home. It′s all about getting connected – to your computer, to your mates, to your cool and inspirational side. This Bamboo Pen &Touch tablet allows you to impress in your work environment too. Don′t do boring presentations, add handwritten notes to your bullets, diagrams or charts and get your audience buzzed. But don′t limit yourself to jazzing up your presentations, you can make your point to any of your documents like spreadsheets, e-mails, etc. The choice is yours. A simple tap of your finger will select an icon, open a menu or start an application. With multiple fingers, you can rotate an image or document, flip through a presentation, scroll through a blog or spreadsheet and zoom in and out of a website or photo. So let your fingers do the talking or just switch over to precise pen strokes as the mood takes you. Bamboo Pen & Touch is both Mac and PC-friendly and designed for left and right-handed use. The tablet comes with an integrated pen holder, a new eraser shape and four customisable ExpressKeys for extra comfort and easy navigation. A variety of exciting free Bamboo apps inside Bamboo Dock are kept ready for download and are part of this package.

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